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Welcoming in the New Year!

Oh, hello there everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR! How exciting is it to be walking into the New Year! I honestly thought that I was going to lose to my inner demons in the last couple of months there but I pushed through which I am happy about. Last year was a year filled with self doubt, anxiety, depression...man the list goes on. I can literally go on and list everything that went to shit last year but I am not going to do that. It's all in the past and it all happened literally last year...I am walking into the New Year with a blank canvas and my head held high.

San Diego:

As most of you guys know from my instagram page and if you guys don't know then I guess I will share it well here as well. I am currently in San Diego. I actually welcomed in the New Year in the sunny state but it was raining and I definitely fell asleep watching Netflix after eating bad Burger King. Lesson learned I guess. Probably won't be eating there for awhile if not for the rest of the year!

I have been sleeping a lot since arriving in San Diego because I had an extreme case of jetlag so I was getting over that & the fact that I needed to get used to the time difference yet again. I thought about sitting down and writing out some goals for 2019 but I haven't done that yet and I am pretty sure I am not going to only because...you never really know how the year is going to go. In 2018 I had everything planned out and it went to shit soooooo...yeah I cannot deal with that again.

My sister & I have only visited one place that she found on instagram and believe me when I say that it wasn't worth the hype. Like at all and you guys know that I love giving places the benefit of the doubt but I was even disappointed with my drink that I ordered! Not sure how someone screws up Mango but yeah....not going back there whilst I am here. Which is disappointing because I wanted it to work out and I wanted to share some awesome aesthetically photos with you guys but all I got was....

I don't even think that I will be posting this photo on instagram either.

I am excited to share all the places that I will be venturing to whilst here in San Diego this time. I know the last time that I was here...didn't go exactly to plan but I am going to make sure that I see certain parts of San Diego to share with you guys. It is quite expensive here so I probably will look for things that are affordable to do and that are free. So, stay tuned because I am making this year my year!