The Best Scents From Chanel | Blogmas Day 7

On the first day of secret Santa gave to me... 3 brand new scents.

I literally cannot believe that we have about 17 more days until Christmas and 3 more weeks until the New Year! This year has definitely flew by rather quickly and even though I was thinking 'oh my god slow down' I am actually happy to start new habits in the upcoming year.

It's pretty obvious that the best part about December other than Vlogmas, Blogmas and Holiday Gift's obviously spending time with loved ones and I think the second half of this year has definitely been about giving big time!

If you haven't read my first blog post about Chanel Beauty then you can definitely read it here. I have partnered with Chanel again ( which is super exciting ) to share some of their amazing fragrances! I personally think that these particular fragrances would make perfect holiday gifts for your family, friends or even yourself ( treat yourself ).

Let's hop right into these gorgeous scents!

First scent is called Paris-Venise: This one is my second favorite! I love Autumn and it smells like Autumn in a bottle. When I first sprayed it...I got a hint of Vanilla and something else that I for the life of me cannot place but it's okay because it definitely transports me somewhere fancy. Like I need to be wearing a backless plum satin gown...drinking a gin & tonic and I don't even like gin & tonic.

Second scent is Paris-Deauville: This scent is more of a typical everyday scent. Something I found myself reaching for more over the other 2 scents. I cannot deal with overly strong fragrances which is why this one is perfect for me. It's very refreshing scent. Definitely in my rotation of go-to's.

Last scent is called Paris-Biarritz: The best way to describe this scent would be to give you guys a scenario. It's like you have been sitting on a flight for hours and when you make it to out of the terminal and you breathe in that FRESH BRISK AIR. That is what this scent is like. It's like stepping outside and just breathing in freshness. It's floral with a tinge of fruit ( which makes me sneeze if I put on to much ) but non the less it's perfect for Spring. Just be mindful that the bees might think you're a flower cause you smell oh so good.

See, each one of these fragrances are unique in their own ways BUT I haven't even told you guys the best part. For this month only ( we're in December ) Chanel is offering FREE SHIPPING! Yes, please go back and re-read that sentence! FREE SHIPPING!

Can someone say Christmas gifts for everyone!?!?

*This is a sponsored post but all thoughts & opinions are 100% my own!*