My Thoughts On The XBOX ONE S All-Digital Edition

Hello my lovely readers and welcome back to my blog!

I don't think many of you guys know that I love playing video games. No, I don't mean those cheesy easy games that girls boyfriends download for them to play to get them into video games. I wouldn't classify myself as a hardcore gamer ( my Mum have called me that ) but I do find myself playing games quite often. Okay, maybe like everyday but hey can you blame me? I work from home majority of the week and when I get bored or am in a creative funk I play for a few hours. I am seriously not exaggerating. I have literally played all day before and caught myself around dinner time like damn I haven't eaten. I get so engrossed in whatever game I am playing at the time.

I wanted to write this blog post ( yes it is sponsored by Xbox and the InfluenceHer Collective but all thoughts & opinions are 100% my own ) to share my pro's & cons about the new XBOX ONE S Digital which is the newest member of the Xbox One Family. There are currently 2 versions of the XBOX ONE S. I am writing a review on the "S Digital". I actually own the XBOX ONE S and I love love love it to death. Literally turn it on first thing in the morning. I normally have Netflix on in the background whilst I am working and like I said whenever I cannot think of anything creative at the moment I just turn off Netflix and play whatever game peaks my interest at the time. My current game obsessions are Overwatch ( I have put it way over 544 hours just playing Overwatch alone ). I think my second current favourite game is Anthem, then COD ( Call of Duty ), maybe Apex Legends ( not really my fav but I just play it quite often recently ) and Battlefield.

I can literally sit here and rant ( in a good way ) things I love about playing video games on my Xbox. This post is definitely about the Pro's & Con's on the XBOX ONE S Digital. I received it in the mail on May 16th around 4:30 and of course you know I was hella excited because I knew what was in the box. Here I go again writing about everything else BUT my review. As always Xbox did send me this console to check out and as always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!

This review is based one me using the console for about a week & a half and if you play as much as I do..writing reviews wont be that hard or tedious. I think for this review I am going to start with the Pro's first because everyone likes positives right?


  1. If you're trying to live a more digital lifestyle then this Console is perfect for you. 
  2. Good if you're curious about gaming and getting into gaming for the first time ( remember this is the All-Digital Edition ).
  3. Already comes with 1 controller ( brand new ones run for about $60 ), 1-month Xbox Live Gold Subscription and download codes for 3 games. Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3 & Sea of Thieves. 
  4. Live Gold Subscription is NEEDED if you want to play online with your friends who also own a Xbox Console as well. It just makes playing games even more exciting. 
  5. You can stream your favourite 4K HDR ( yep you read that right ) content from Netflix ( I am a hardcore binger ), Amazon and of course Hulu. 
  6. You can purchase the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition from Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon and Microsoft Stores. 
  7. It only takes about 20 minutes to setup ( less for me cause I was just switching from one console to another ). 


  1. You cannot use hard copy games on the digital console which means if you love a game you will have to re-purchase it. Everyone knows xbox games are a pretty penny.
  2. You aren't getting more for your buck. In fact it's quite the opposite. There are no added perks to the All Digital Edition except it being literally only digital.
  3. The price. Now in my opinion with less perks it shouldn't be the same price as the regular Xbox One S that can stream blu-ray dvd's. 
  4. You still only get 1TB of data and the design is basically the same. 

Overall I personally would give the XBOX ONE S All-Digital Edition Console a rating of 7/10. I also think that this console is the perfect console if you are new to gaming and don't want the clutter. If any of my lady gamers out there are considering their own console then you can check this particular console here.