Let's Get Coffee #5

Wow, did I forget that I used to write about coffee shops around the city that I visited. I definitely missed writing reviews and of course drinking coffee. I actually stopped visiting new locations because we actually don't have that many coffee shops in the city and since I don't have a car to drive. It makes venturing to other locations quite hard. 

Officina is the name of the spot that Austin took me too. We actually went there because when he visited he got some amazing cat latte art. Well needless to say when we went we were told that the Barista who did the amazing cat latte art quit. Sucks right? I was so excited for the latte art but hey I mean we still got some really great art in the end. 

Each latte was $4 a pop and we ordered 3 so you do the math. Also their coffee was unbelievably bitter! I had to add almost a half a cup of simple syrup to get it to taste drinkable. 

Also, FYI Officina isn't a coffee shop. It's actually a restaurant that offers latte plus latte art. If I ever go back I don't think I would get their coffee.