Beauty Tuesdays | Becca Cosmetics

Ah, I coming at you guys with another Beauty Tuesdays post. This one is a partnership with Becca Cosmetics but ALL thoughts and opinions are my 100% my own!

You know when you have tried certain products from a brand and you fell in love with it but other products well...just don't do it for you? Well this is one of the cases. I love love love Becca Cosmetics don't get me wrong. I love their Bronzers and their highlighters. They are seriously the best! I had the opportunity to try out their Backlight Priming Filter. From the description on the website it says that it is a luminous primer that photo-filters skin imperfections for a smooth long-lasting makeup application.

This right NOT for me. You guys know that I am VERY minimal when it comes to my makeup. When I put it on my face and attempted to add my foundation to it...I looked like I was literally glowing. I had to wipe it off my face ad start over. If I was a professional makeup artist or had the patience to learn how to properly use this product then I would probably keep it but since I am not that person...yeah I am going to stick with a hard pass.

Their Ultimate Coverage Foundation is next on the list. I am not sure if they sent me the wrong shade or I accidentally picked the wrong shade but oh my goodness this shade was 2x darker than I am and it's currently Summer! How is that possible!? I normally get darker in the Summertime so I always have a foundation that is a shade darker so I can use....but this one...oh no.

Overall, I don't think that these products are for me but that doesn't mean they aren't meant for someone else!