My Favourite Ways To Wind Off

As a content creator or someone in the field that I am in. Ideas are always and I do mean ALWAYS floating around inside of my head. From coming up with ideas for brands that I am currently working with or which freelance project for Maggy. Whatever the case might mind is always racing with thoughts. Half the time it isn't bad but on the other hand when I want to literally do nothing and relax...then it's a problem.

I wanted to stop relying on wine so much to relax so I started playing video games and rewatching Friends on Netflix for the 100th time. I mean don't get me wrong I actually love watching Friends ( Ross not so much ) but I needed different ways to wind off. I had the option to re-read the majority of the books that I owned again. I loved reading but I always questioned why I never pick up a book anymore just for the hell of it. Why couldn't I sit with a nice cuppa hot chocolate ( or wine or water to be honest ) and just get engrossed in a book?

If my mind wasn't racing with all the content that I needed to create then my depression & anxiety was kicking in again. For a while, it disappeared ( well not fully disappeared ) but I wasn't being triggered by social media posts ( I have gained weight & currently dislike my body ) I was being triggered by my family, my relationship and honestly just everything.

Like I said...there is always a lot on my mind.

Now though it's a mixture but I end up going to bed pretty peacefully. Unless I have a deadline.

I think I can definitely say that writing before bed helps me unwind. I am not entirely sure when it started but I am 1000% not complaining. I like being able to sit behind my laptop and write out all the words that are swirling around in my head. I am able to relax my mind, focus on what's in front of me and sincerely feel at peace.

I will also be listing some beauty products that help with relaxation as well. I became the biggest fan of sleeping masks! If you guys have never tried them before then OMG you need to! Then thank me later!