Why I Cannot Wait For Fall!

Summer is slowly & I do mean slowly coming to an end. I am very thankful though because I cannot deal with this heat and humidity anymore. I am also super sick of my hair. I am contemplating cutting it all off again and starting over. Who knows right? I can never really make up my mind when it comes to my hair. That is beside the point....the point is...I am ready for knits, cooler nights and a better mindset.

I personally think that I thrive better in Fall. I have more of a creative mindset...I don't find myself struggling to come up with content to post or blog posts to write. I thrive. I am happy. I am not sure what it is... so I am currently counting down to September 23rd. If you guys didn't know well now you do..it's the first day of Fall! I hope you guys are as excited as much as I am!

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