Building the Perfect Fall/Winter Wardrobe

Building the perfect Fall/Winter Wardrobe on a budget isn't as hard as everyone makes it out to be. I tend to purchase half if not my ENTIRE wardrobe on sale or even from thrift stores. You can find some amazing oversized sweaters in the men's section of thrift stores which is perfect for layering or even wearing it with leggings and OTK Boots. I personally think that the issue is we all want to stay on trend so we constantly think that we need to continuously shop to feel important or even to stay relative. Especially since social media is SO big now.

Me? I am a serious outfit repeater and I have absolutely no shame in that. My wardrobe consists of basically the same items in an array of variety. Blazers, Jeans, Basic Tees, and Sneakers. For the past year, I have added Satin Midi Skirts into the mix and I actually love it. I can dress them up or down which is a win-win in my book. For overwear though since we are creeping up on Fall/ a mixture of Denim Jackets, Teddy Coats and light jackets. Everything right now in my wardrobe can be worn mixed and matched with other items. I love love love neutral colors at the moment because I just think that they are way easier to style. When I first started blogging my wardrobe was definitely all over the place and I definitely wore way more color than I do today.

I will give you an example whenever I am in doubt when it comes to figuring out an outfit. I go with my basics or what I like to call my go-to outfit. During the cooler Fall nights...I normally add a blazer, denim jacket or a teddy coat. Pretty simple right? You can definitely dress it up or down depending on your mood but for example with my outfit in this picture. I went out to dinner and I didn't feel the need to dress up but I still wanted to be cute. This particular day was kinda nippy so I opted for a denim jacket over a blazer, I added a fedora and threw on some pointed black booties. Obviously adding a black bag as a key staple piece to this outfit was a must. I personally think that everyone needs to own a black bag in their lives.