Foodie Alert- Bul

I am very picky when it comes to food and even pickier when it comes to eating Korean food. I think it stems down from back in high school when my seatmate would always be a Korean person because our last names were so close to each other. Trust me when I say when you look in my yearbook I am the ONLY black person on the page. So, needless to say, that I was always exposed to their culture and to their food. I am not complaining. I love Korean food just authentic Korean food. I hate HATE Americanized food in ANY culture.

Seeing as though I currently don't have a car and have to rely solely on public transportation and Ubers...I wanted to try out some new restaurants in the area. Funny story I actually found Bul years ago and saved it in my phone but never got around to visiting because of their business hours being on the later side. I really wanted to go so I made sure on my next date we went. I LOVED IT! Their menu is quite affordable but the only thing is they don't give you any Banchan ( small side dishes ). I normally visit Korean restaurants for the Banchan alone. I am a lover for some really spicy Kimchi!

We ordered Raboki & O-Dari for staters. Raboki is one of my favorite Korean dishes. It's Ramen, Dukbokki and fish cakes. They added pieces of fried vegetable mandu ( dumplings ) and oh my goodness it was so delicious! I wish it was spicier but non the less I enjoyed it! I didn't touch the O-Dari because I don't like squid. For my main dish, I ordered KFC ( Korean Fried Chicken ) and my date ordered a spicy seafood bibimbap bowl. Which was destroyed by how delicious it was. Overall we will definitely go back!