It's Officially Fall Weather!

You guys know that I love and THRIVE in FALL! I love cooler days & nights and the transition into light sweaters, denim jackets, and hoodies! Yesterday was the first official day of Fall and whilst I didn't leave my apartment ( I tend to stay home on Mondays) I wanted to go out today and just walk around enjoy the weather and see what inspiration I could get. My sister did ask me if I could watch my niece and nephew but since she changed her mind and decided to take them to daycare...I will just enjoy the day writing, creating content and maybe do a little shopping.

Hopefully, I don't see a lot of cute things cause I am also trying to revamp my apartment and add more decorative pieces here and there. I know that I wanted to get a really nice glass jewelry container from H&M but the only one that has a home section is in Georgetown and I don't really feel like traveling all the way there when they might not even have it.

Oh, guys I also got the new iPhone 11 Pro and I will be writing a detailed review about it since it's different than what Apple has come out with in the past. I have only had it for a few days but so far I am liking it. The 3 cameras in the back tend to be forgotten after a while. At least in my opinion. I also have some other beauty reviews coming your way so bare with me! I need to go back to dedicating a day to just writing out a crap ton of posts for you guys and scheduling them. I also need to get back into shooting in bulk. Like I said...I thrive in Fall so this is going to be the months that I shine before Winter!