My Warby Parker Experience

Warby Parker is a brand that I have worked with on numerous occasions & I actually have a few pairs of their glasses. Prescription & Sunglasses both. I just love their frames and my experience with them has always been amazing.

* Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own! *

So, when I had the opportunity to go in for a complimentary eye exam and I wasn’t going to pass on the offer. Why? Well because lately, I have been having headaches and not the kind that painkillers can help with. So, I figured that it must have to do with my eyes and after my exam, I am 100% sure that it has been because of my eyes. 

My appointed was set for 11:40am and lasted for almost an hour. My Optometrists name was Dr. Shin ( not going to put her first name on here ) and she was just the sweetest. It also helped that we were the same age so being around her and talking to her made me feel more at ease. I was so comfortable with her that I was making ‘Friends’ references for the episode where Rachel has a fear about her eyes. 

Talking to Dr. Shin gave me more insight into what was going on with my eyes and in the end, she realized that I needed a bump up in my prescription and that I didn’t qualify for their contacts! Oh, quick side note I did not know until I arrived at Warby Parker that they launched their own contact lenses called ‘Scout Lenses’. You have the option to purchase daily, bi-weekly and monthly contacts but for their brand, they offer ‘daily lenses’. If you guys wear contacts and are interested in learning more about them then you can check them out and read all about it here

Okay, side note over haha but seriously I cannot get over how my experience was. Even after leaving the back room I was just talking about how amazing Dr. Shin was. Actually, in all honesty, the entire staff was just amazing. They were all friendly and down to earth, I didn’t want to leave the store. I actually cannot wait to get my eyes checked again next year. I am actually now looking forward to taking better care of my eyes. So, thank you, Warby Parker! You have definitely made my year. 

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