2019 you were great in some aspects but I am ready to put you behind of me. I am ready to start fresh  with the lessons that I learned. I am actually looking forward to turning a year older and hell of a year wiser. There were an abundance of tears during the last couple of months and I really did shut myself off from the world rather than trying to face my problems head on. I feel like working as freelance is a blessing and a curse in a way. A blessing being during this time it really gave me time to think and really rely on myself but a curse because you are alone with your thoughts. A persons thoughts can be the scariest thing in the world and for the past couple of months mine was. 

There are a lot of things that I am definitely thankful for this year. The good outweighed the bad which I am extremely thankful for. So, yeah 2019 you were somewhat good to me but I am really ready for 2020 now. 

I did get to work on some really amazing projects this year which I am beyond thankful for and I know I will do greater things in the year to come. To the brands that I was about to work with this year I sincerely thankful as well. I never thought that I could work with some of the brands that I did. 

I lost friends and gained friends. It’s all apart of life.  I also am the heaviest I have ever been in my life weight wise and I will try my hardest to live a more healthier lifestyle. I want to stop relying on food whenever I am feeling a bit down. I also want to cook more. I feel like I was constantly eating out because Uber Eats was available and ready to bring my food to my door without having to move off of my ass. 

I wanted to share 10 things that I was grateful for this year.

1. My health
2. Opportunities 
3. My family ( Niece and Nephew )
4. Being a little wiser
5. A roof over my head
6. Being Happier
7. Upgrading my work station 
8. Meeting new clients
9. Making new friends
10. Working towards my goals

I am hoping that 2020 brings more opportunities and happiness not just for myself but for you guys as well! I guess now I can finally count down to not only 2020 but also my birthday!

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