1 Blazer 3 Ways

Hello my loves and happy Sunday!

I made the error & forgot to post a blog post yesterday. Please forgive me. I already messed up but I wasn’t feeling 100% and I didn’t want to force myself out of bed. Today, I decided to work from bed because I want to get better at managing my time. Last night was a little crazy! The wind was going bat crap crazy lastnight that my screen door came flying off of my balcony door. It freaked me out so badly that I jumped out of bed to make sure it didn’t fall onto someone’s car.

That little mini heart attack brought on a coughing frenzy and I literally had to force myself back to sleep. Story of my life. Anyways, I mentioned on instagram that I am starting a segment on my blog called ‘1 Item 3 Looks’ where I pick 1 item from my wardrobe and style it 3 ways. The first item is new from my ‘Holiday Haul Video’ on Youtube.

This blazer was purchased from H&M from the clearance section. Where I basically find majority of my pieces from H&M. If there is a particular piece that I want but it doesn’t fit within my budget then  I save it to my wishlist and I go back again when they are having a massive sale and if I see my item then I normally snag it. Only if I need it. I am currently building a beautiful capsule minimal wardrobe. I have been purging, re-organizing and just tearing apart my wardrobe. It’s such an amazing feeling seeing my dream wardrobe come to life.

Blazer - H&M
T-shirt - H&M
Pants - Shop Akira
Shoes - Shein
Beanie - H&M
Glasses - Amazon
Necklaces - Mejuri

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