New Year Resolutions

Second day of the year & even though I am sick and extremely dehydrated at the moment...I still wanted to write this post for you guys! I wanted to share my resolutions for the year. Honestly at first I wasn’t going to do any resolutions but then I thought well...I am doing this for me so yeah.

1. Cook more at home
2. Cut out unnecessary junk food
3. No soda ( Guess this falls under junk )
4. Do things alone
5. Work on my mental health
6. Continue to live drama free
7. Focus more on myself
8. Learn to say No
9. Not letting anyone get under my skin
10. Do Collaborations I want to do
11. Grow my YouTube channel
12. Getting back in shape
13. No more putting things off
14. Gym

I think I wrote some more down in my notebook but cannot seem to find it so I wrote down the ones I did remember from the top of my head. I would love it if you guys shared some of your New Year Resolutions with me! Maybe we have similar ones!

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