Under Quarantine : Day 3

Washington, DC
I can honestly say that Day 3 under quarantine was better than Day 2. I personally think that I will be running out of clear drinking glasses by the end of the week for my mood photos.

Today was definitely a pretty chill day. I have yet to put away the laundry that I did yesterday yet but at this point, I have all the time in the world. Although, I would like to deal with it by the end of the week. I think that maybe I should just deal with it tomorrow & clean my wardrobe out one time. It gives me something to do. I actually recorded some clips but not that many so there won't be a Youtube video on the channel tonight but I will just be combining Day 3 + Day 4 into one video.

I went for a really long walk today around the neighborhood to clear my head and just to get out of the house and stretch my legs. Plus it is always nice getting some fresh air. I definitely practiced social distancing when I saw other people with the same idea. I don't have a mask at the moment ( everywhere is sold out ) so I cannot really take that big risk.

I hope everyone's day was a good day. I know things are looking really negative right now but I just know we will overcome this pandemic. I look forward to writing my thoughts & sharing some ideas with you guys tomorrow. 

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