Under Quarantine : Day 2

Man oh, man this is only day 2 & I am already going slightly insane. I am not sure why...I normally would go for walks or go work in a coffee shop. The introvert in me is loving being able to stay home & basically do nothing ( work from home mentality ) & the extrovert in me really feels lonely not being able to have coffee or brunch with friends.

I was literally so bored today & normally I don't get bored that easily but I found myself really wanting to grab some Korean food, a frappuccino & window shopping. We all have to do our part to make sure we keep everyone safe & keep the virus from spreading.

On a more positive note. Day 2 of my "Under Quarantine" vlog is up on my channel. It's super short & it just gives me time to practice editing videos as well. I hope everyone is coping well with working from home.