Lazy Days & Feelings

I always love getting back into writing. The sound of the keys clacking & my thoughts being turned into actual words. I wouldn’t call this paper but it is the same satisfaction I get when I put pen to paper. Normally, I would sit down in a lazy Sunday and try to write 2-3 blog posts, schedule them for different days & sit back & relax but given the circumstances everyday is like a lazy Sunday. On days like today, I am thankful that I have a balcony. I can sit on it in my favorite lounge wear, a cup a tea ( it’s still slightly chilly ), & with a good book or maybe some music. 

The downfall of my balcony is that it faces the street so I tend to see/hear things that I really don’t want to. We are supposedly under quarantine but people are across the street barbecuing, walking in groups & it baffles me. Thank goodness for over the ears headphones to down all of it out but it does get my anxiety soaring sky high sometimes. I am waiting for this pandemic to be over so I could actually move into a better neighborhood with neighbors who doesn’t steal packages, have dogs peeing in the elevators ( when we’re not allowed to have dogs in our apartments ) & leaving their garbage everywhere but in the bins. 

I want considerate neighbors who doesn’t bang on drums at 1am thinking that it is okay to do so. In your house maybe but not in an apartment complex. I also don’t want to be that neighbor to file a noise complaint because I am compliant with the rules. I know that everyone is full on panic mode because of the the pandemic & whilst I am on panic mode as well I think that this is the opportunity to be kinder & considerate to everyone & to make sure everyone is doing okay. Stop hoarding things that you don’t need to hoard & share with everyone. I don’t see why you need to hoard 5 packs of toilet tissue. 

For me...I am thankful to those who took their time to reach out to me to make sure that I was okay. 🤎

Stay safe & stay considerate!