Quarantine Life Update

Washington, DC, USA

Hi, my beautiful readers.

We are currently 68 days into the Quarantine life & it is safe to say that I am going a little bit crazy. I have been trying my best to stay consistent with anything in the creative field. Youtube has currently been my go to for apartment inspiration, vlogs, & a crap ton of DIY’s. Can you blame me? I am going slightly crazy needing something to do. 

I have been doing monthly grocery shopping so that way it dwindles the amount of people I am exposed to. Honestly, let me get real for a minute. Lately waking up each morning lately has been filled with anxiety lately. There are certain people in this area that do not care that there is a pandemic going on. 
About 2 weeks ago now....there was a shooting in my apartment complex. I heard it when it happened because I have been having a really hard time sleeping lately. The next couple of days when I went for a walk, the front door of my apartment complex was broken & boarded up, & there was a bullet hole in one of the apartment windows. I just froze where I was. I was terrified. Why was this happening? We already had to worry about the pandemic now we have to worry about people actually killing eat other. When I got home...I went on the search for a new apartment but with everything going on & not really getting much paid work. I cannot afford to move right now. 

Everyday when I wake up... I check the Coronavirus updates & as of yesterday May 19th, 2020 there has been over 1,000 new cases in my state. 12,000 in the County in the that I currently live in. From my balcony I can literally see people outside throwing bbq’s like it’s nothing. It scares me. No one practices social distancing. I am scared that I am at a higher risk of catching it because no one cares. 

I am tying to remain positive given the circumstances but there are days where I stare off into space thinking this is my reality. This is my current life. 


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