My Experience Shopping during Covid-19

COVID has definitely put things in perspective for me. I have been self-quarantining since the outbreak hit the states, only leaving my apartment to visit the grocery store and get tested to make sure that I was in the clear. I had the opportunity to visit Georgetown to do a little bit of shopping & I was blown away by how different things were. All the steps that the shops have taken to make sure everyone practiced social distancing even whilst shopping blew me away. I didn't want to overdo it with how many stores I was visiting so I settled on visiting Free People, Aritza, CB2, and my all-time favorite District Doughnut!

From Free People I have been eying this amazing Teddy Coat ( you can shop it here ) for the past couple of months and when I finally came across it on sale in Free People! I knew right then & there that I needed to have it asap! So glad that I did now I can finally close the tab I have open on my laptop! The next shop that I decided to visit was Aritzia where I stocked up on my favorite basic white tee ( you can shop it here ) and of course their 100% linen masks ( which you can shop here & here ).

I was also in a DIRE need of some new wine glasses and I have always been slight if not HIGHLY obsessed with their wine glasses ever since I came across them on Instagram. I love going into CB2. It's so aesthetically pleasing & I love their items but it is way out of my price point but I just HAD to have 2 of their glasses. You guys can see which glasses I picked & their price point here.

Overall, I would say that my experience wasn't bad. I actually enjoyed it. I loved seeing everyone wearing their masks and practicing social distancing and the stores following along & making sure everyone was following the rules they set in place. I might be all shopped out for now but maybe I will go again in the near future.

You guys can also shop my entire outfit ( I make a small commission ) down below as well!

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