Beauty Tuesdays | Mamonde Micro Deep Cleansing Foam

Wow! I got such an overwhelming amount of readership from the last “Beauty Tuesday’s” post that I am super thankful that you guys appreciate me bringing it back on the blog. In this post we are going to be reviewing another product by Mamonde!

* Wash away pollution! Mamonde’s Micro Deep Cleansing Foam is lightweight, mild and powered with self-purifying Lotus Flower Extract that washes away 98.8% of pore-clogging dirt, dust and excess residue. * 

One of the biggest things that caught my attention was the fact that this product is Vegan! 

I actually just recently started using this product & I can definitely love this product. It is not heavy and it does leave my skin feeling extremely clean. I like the fact that it is lightweight as well. I hate products that feel overly heavy on your skin & even when you rinse your face off you can still feel the product residue on your face.

I use this product alongside the Mamonde Micro Deep Cleansing Oil which I will be reviewing separately. Just because I like 1 product from the collection doesn’t necessarily mean that I will like all. 

Plus recently, I added a new product into my regime and I had a crazy reaction so I need to retrace my steps to see which product caused the allergic reaction on my cheeks.

I recommend this product to anyone who needs that extra feeling of clean especially during the Summer! 

See you next Tuesday! Stay safe and wear your masks!


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