Creating A More Creative Space With Desenio

Can you believe that we are already in October? I am not sure why for some odd reason I tend to not blog as much in the Summer because the heat makes me super uncomfortable. I don’t feel motivated to get dressed or do anything especially leave my apartment. I feel miserable walking outside and with COVID still going strong...I have to make do with doing things at home. Which is one of the main reasons why I really wanted to FINALLY do something about my living space since I am going to be living here for another year. Honestly, I am so sick of my apartment. I hate the area and I really wanted to move but I like to visit apartments in person to get a feel for them and since everything being closed for COVID it was hard for me to find a place. 

I guess this post will be a bit of a life update as well. So, creatively for a while, I have mentioned that I have been in such a funk lately. I have been super uninspired and my apartment space contributed to that heavily. I mean I have been living here a little over 5 years and only now do I feel the need to really drastically change it up but there is only so much I can do to really make it feel like home for another year. 

With that being said. I decided to start by creating a better walk-in wardrobe situation. I have had the same UGLY CHOCOLATE BROWN Shelf Unit for years that I got from Target and I always cringed whenever I walked into my wardrobe and saw it. Not only was it ugly ( I seriously disliked the colour but I needed something ASAP at the time ) but my clothes were falling out everywhere and it always just looked messy. I would always refold the clothing for it not to look right. It was to be blunt and eyesore. 

I really wanted to repaint the walls white and get rid of that ugly off white or eggshell whatever colour it is wall because again it has been such an eyesore and I wanted something more bright that made me happy and made my tiny space look bigger. That wasn't the case. Less than a year ago my upstairs neighbour fell asleep with her water running and it started leaking down into my apartment. They came to fix my ceiling but never came to fix the rest like they promised along with cleaning my carpet as well. Let me paint you a picture...the walls that they promised to come back and fixed because of the cracking ( they use really cheap paint ) and well as much as I want to paint my walls white... I cannot unless they come and initially fix the walls they promised to fix. 

With no luck in sight getting it fixed I thought about just leaving the issue and just working around it. Which was probably the best idea in the end. So, I decided to start with my wardrobe. I got rid of the shelf, visited Ikea, and got to work! I purchased an Ikea Dresser called Malm ( which you can purchase here ), tons of photo frames for my Desenio posters that I ordered, a new clothing wardrobe for my most worn clothing...etc. You catch the drift. Now came the important part as I was planning out everything I was going to get. Colour scheme. I have always been fond of white furniture...I mean my desk is white, my monitor is white ( well white & silver ) and well since the original colour of the Malm Dresser I wanted was sold out I ended up opting for the last one they had in stock which was White. That just meant all of my frames for my Desenio posters had to match as well but I did find the perfect Bamboo Wardrobe ( which you guys will see in the photos below ) the original one I wanted from Ikea was sold out until another 2 months and I just didn't have the patience to wait another 2 months for it and after sitting there and debating...the price was just way too much for what I was going for. 

I feel like maybe if I moved into a bigger space with 2 bedrooms I would come back & contemplate it ( you can see my original choice here ). In the end, I am happy with my second decision. Literally, the same style just doesn't have the sliding bamboo door which I really don't mind at all. I will try my best to link everything that I purchased from Ikea, Amazon, Target etc. I know that everyone is trying their best to make their homes feel more homie, especially during these tough times. 

So far I am loving the way that everything is slowly coming together and honestly adding these beautiful pieces from Desenio just makes my home feel much more lovely. I really feel like every corner of my tiny studio apartment can be just beautiful if I stick with my vision. 

I am thinking about doing an apartment tour once I get it to how I really want it. I am hoping that I am able to paint the walls white and maybe add more shelves on the wall to create more space. Get a new TV stand with built-in storage so that. I can really utilize the space better. I am just really excited for you guys to see everything once it comes together. 


Frames - Ikea
Posters - Desenio

*This blog post was sponsored by Desenio*

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