Life Update


Deep down I wish that things would start going back to normal but alas that isn’t the case. Right now were finally hitting our second wave and no one is happy. Well, except the people who don’t believe were still in a pandemic of course. 

We’re almost halfway through December with no light at the end of the tunnel. I am honestly not even excited for my birthday anymore. I wanted to do a tropical getaway but I think it would be unbelievably selfish of me to lounge on a beach when were still in the middle of a pandemic. 

I am thinking about maybe taking a week trip to Chicago just to be a tourist. At least it will still be stateside and I wouldn’t have to quarantine for 14 days before being able to enjoy my trip. Of course I will get a COVID test done before doing any sort of traveling. Actually I have been getting tested every 72 hours for work and even though I hate getting tested with a passion. It’s good to know that I have always had a negative result. 

I wish I was able to really travel and see my family to see how they are doing during all of this but I am happy that I am able to either FaceTime them or send them a text checking in on them. I

On another note I have started vlogmas on my YouTube channel which you guys can check out here & please subscribe to my channel. In my videos I show you little snippets of my daily life at home and on set. I haven’t really gone out for coffee ( I did light Christmas shopping ) since we started filming but definitely commend everyone who does vlogmas everyday and every year cause I cannot keep up. 

I have included some photos from my camera roll down below. I hope you guys enjoy and see you in my next vlog. 

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