It’s 2021 and I am slightly freaking out. Not only is my birthday in 9 days but I really wanted to take a trip to a whole new state for my birthday but my plans fell through. Which is okay because COVID is back with a vengeance. They said a new strand of COVID was found in the UK but now they said they have seen the new strain now in LA! It’s only a matter of time before this new mutated strain has spread like wildfire through the States.  

The first week of January started off horribly. I welcomed the New Year with my Mum but unfortunately 2 days ago ( now 3 days since this is being posted the following day ) my little brother and I got into a nasty car accident. Everything happened so fast. We’re both fine but I did get a little injured but not severely thank god. 

I know that I said in my last blog post that I wasn’t going to be making any New Year Resolutions....but I ended up changing my mind and making a small list. I will be sharing my list on my YouTube channel and of course sharing it here with all of my lovely readers as well. Stay tuned & stay safe! 🤎

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