Happy Anniversary to us


1 year married to my best friend and soulmate. It's kind of funny because before I never really saw myself getting married let alone having kids. I will say that years before I met Yoo I was actually in a relationship and engaged for a short portion of it. The engagement didn't last long because it didn't feel right to me and I found myself not being excited about a wedding or anything that went into it. I had given up on myself when it came to ever getting married ( never crossed my mind again ). That was until I met Yoo. Our relationship started off as just friends. Talking everyday during quarantine we grew closer. We shared our struggles, our dreams & what we wanted to do in the future. Nothing would prepare me for the future I have right now with Yoo but I am thankful that I met him. That we fell in love naturally & that he is my husband. 

Happy Anniversary my love ( even though it already passed ). I just wanted to dedicate this post to you. You've been an amazing husband this past year & soon to be father. Sometimes I still cannot believe that we're going to be parents soon. I'm not 100% ready but then again who is ever 100% ready to bring life into the world? I already know this baby is going to be so loved by you as much as I am. 

Here is to many more years together. I love you<3

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