1 Year in Montana

Holy crap! It's officially been a whole year since I moved to Montana to be with my husband. Although at the time when I moved we were officially married yet. We will also be celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary this coming week ( on Wednesday to be exact ). I am not sure what we have planned because lately we've been celebrating a lot for the month so far. My husbands birthday, his graduation, graduation celebration dinner, & my therapy sessions. Now that was only last week & this week is our wedding anniversary which is something major but I've been feeling so shitty lately & the weather hasn't been the best either so do I really want to force myself outside to celebrate on a random Wednesday? 

The short answer is...hell yes! I love my husband and he's been the best throughout my entire move here & this new journey were on as well. I will be honest and admit that I am ready to leave Montana. I am a city girl through and through and I am ready to get back to civilization. I am ready to go into the city and go to coffee shops, going on dates with my husband to museums with our baby, & create new and wonderful memories with my crazy rambunctious family and friends. 

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