Hello 2024

2024 started off with a bang for sure. Here is a bit of a recap. To bring in the New Year my husband had this idea to take me to my first ever ski resort. All I have to say is...it was beautiful! We went to Big Sky Resort and yes it was freezing but the views and the vibes made up for everything. I was not feeling 100% ( you know being a woman and all ) and with tracking it said my unwanted monthly friend was due to appear on New Years day so I made sure I brought all the necessities with me lol. We enjoyed some delicious food, toured the resort, checked into our hotel and came back for the fireworks to ring in the new year! Who would have thought that was going to be the start of one crazy 2024 experience!? 

Fast forward to Jan 4th and by now my monthly friend is about 3 days late. Which can be very normal & many factors can determine why it's late. Stress? etc... My husband told me to humor him and take a pregnancy test. Mind you I was beyond skeptical because I was recently in the ER and they took vials of my blood to test for why I was experiencing severe abdominal pain. They told me that I wasn't pregnant and that it was just an ovarian cyst which is common in women. 

Needless to say we were both very shocked when the test came back positive. My immediate thought was NOPE! I just got tested when I went to the emergency room and they told me I wasn't so naturally I thought this test isn't real. A false positive maybe? So, the following day I took another test first thing int the morning and boom positive again. Now I am freaking out. So...what do we do!? We go take another test which they called me to tell me yes I was indeed 4 weeks ( at the time ) pregnant and congratulations. OH MY GOD

The first person I called with the news of just finding out was my mother. I was partially crying and she freaked out asking me what's wrong and I told her. You're going to be a grandma again. She was confused at first then screamed with excitement. Yes, she couldn't believe it herself. For years I've always said that I didn't want kids well I always said I never wanted to get married either but my husband changed my mind on that. I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him...it's just that a baby was something that neither of us expected. Were we ready? Is this something that we both wanted? After talking it out and my husbands initial excitement died down. We decided that no one was really ready to have a baby or make such a drastic change to their lives but nonetheless we both welcomed this challenge with open arms. 

That being said...

Baby Yoo coming Sept 2024!! 

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