2,000 Subbies!

Thank you so much for over 2,000 subscribers to our YouTube channel! When we started our channel we never thought we would get to where we are now. It's insane to think that 2,000 of you guys like watching our random vlogs and the way we interact with each other lol. We did a Q&A video which we answered some of the most asked questions that we have been getting on our channel & we loved that you guys enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed filming it. I would like to clarify that there are somethings I tend to keep private but now that everything is out in the open I can officially say.

I wasn't truthful when I said we weren't married. Some of you guys pointed it out right away but because we didn't really tell Yoo's parents when we did at the time and we wanted them to know first rather than finding out through YouTube. So, for that I apologize & I hope that you guys understand and forgive us for with holding that information. 

Yoo and I thank our YouTube family for the continuous support even whilst we're on a slight break right due to us being pregnant which again we haven't announced yet but we will be this weekend! I'm genuinely curious what their responses are going to be lol. 

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