Why I'm Setting Boundaries


There is something so therapeutic about setting boundaries. Ever since I got pregnant and my anxiety has skyrocketed to where I have started in person therapy once a week. It's my first time attending therapy in person because I've always done it online. I started with Betterhelp then after moving to Montana I had to switch cause my therapist was only licensed in Virginia at the time. Being in Montana I was first very adamant of finding a black therapist. 

So, my husband found Dr on Demand. Where after searching I found a therapist that I liked but being pregnant and decided that seeing someone in person was the best choice for me & that is where I met Miss Amy. She has been amazing in helping me heal from my past trauma, set boundaries, and create a better mental environment to welcome our baby into a loving home. 

I want my baby to come into the world loved for who they are not for their gender. I don't want to be pressured to name my child after my father just to keep the name in the family. I also don't want to be forced into pleasing my mother and adding the name to my child middle name thus giving them 2 middle names. What is the point? Why can't I name my baby the name I want to name them? I want my voice to be heard & no one to impose their thoughts and opinions onto me. 

Writing helps me get all of my inner thoughts out when no one wants to listen to me. It's almost dare I say it...therapeutic? 

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