Happy Mothers Day

Today is Mother's Day & even though Baby Yoo isn't here yet I have received some Mother's Day text messages that placed a smile on my face. I thought I wasn't a mother until I gave birth but that isn't the case. Baby Yoo is wiggling, doing flips and kicking me right now. She loves the sound of her fathers voice when he speaks to her she always reacts by kicking me to let him know that 'yes dad I hear you'. 

So, whilst I am used to being the one sending out the Mother's Day messages to all my friends and family. It still feels a bit surreal that I am the one receiving them now. I am cherishing them and the ones who went out of their way to make this day feel special for me.

I am going to be 23 weeks tomorrow and like I mentioned in my last post we started nesting. We got her crib, her book shelf for her books and her dresser. A BUNCH of hangers for all the clothing that not only did we get her but received from neighbors as well. 

All in all. I cannot wait to meet Baby Yoo in September & shower her with all the love. 

Happy Mother's Day again to those who are Mothers, those tho have lost Mothers, those with multiple Mothers, Mothers with strained child relationships, those with difficult Mother relationships, those who are single Mothers, Mothers who have lost their children, those yearning to be Mothers, those unable to be Mothers and those who are currently becoming Mothers. 

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