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Happy "Hump" Day Lovelies!

With the snow touching the ground again just last night/ early morning it is just crazy cold again. I am sad to say that I think that I am getting sick. ( Right when my birthday is tomorrow ) I still haven't found the perfect birthday outfit like I said with the bipolar weather it is really hard to figure out what to wear. It just makes it even more of a mission to accomplish!

I have always wanted a pair of white jeans. Besides black I think white is a color that I love wearing as well and wearing these white jeans was just the icing on the cake or fresh snow on the ground. I hate snow but I love the look of fresh snow on the ground. Which inspired me ( I always find weird inspirations ) but that is what living the life of fashion is about. Finding inspirations or people who inspire you.

Like I said fresh snow inspired me. I picked the a vibrant blue and gold clutch as my pop color. I love how it just stood out from my monochrome outfit. Random bit but I love the little Ahjumma who photo bombed me. She was the cutest thing in the world!

Fedora/ Forever 21 /

Top/ Wetseal /

Coat/ Rue 21 /

Jeans/ Forever 21 /

Sunnies / Gift /

Necklace/ Charlotte Russe /

Earrings/ Wetseal /

Clutch/ Nordstrom Rack /

Shoes/ H&M /

Lipstick/ Vivienne by Stila /

This is by far my favorite look and I can't wait to show you guys all the new and fun exciting surprises that I have in store for you guys! I am so excited I cannot wait! Tomorrow is my birthday! I am so happy and nervous to be turning 23! Wooohooo!

Until next time Lovelies!



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