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Happy Tuesday Lovelies!

Celebrated my birthday on Thursday but since it was a weekday I didn't want to really celebrate until the weekend. I wanted to do something casual and something that I don't really do on a regular basis. ( which is walking around DC ) Living in this area there is always something fun and exciting to do! A perfect day for me during the winter time would be sipping on a nice cup of hot chocolate and taking in the scenery. That was what I opted for on my birthday. Something simple instead of doing something very expensive.

The weather wasn't as bad and windy at it has been for the last couple of weeks. So for my outfit choice I settled on something simple. Simple Striped Shirt Dress and High-waisted black skinny jeans and simple black booties to tip it off. Always opting for the monochrome look I added a pop of color to this simple look.

Coat -- Macys

Top -- Sheinside

Scarf --Forever 21

Necklace -- Sheinside

Purse -- Forever 21

Jeans -- Forever 21

Shoes -- Forever 21

Now I am on the hunt for the perfect cocktail dress for a blogger mixer on Thursday night and I am so excited to go! I also got a few new things as well that I can't wait to show and share with you guys! So stay tuned! Decided to grow my hair out but who knows I might cut it again.

Until next time Lovelies!














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