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Happy Monday my Lovelies!

So, sorry for my lack of posts lately. I try to post at least twice a week but since I started my new job I haven't had a chance to actually post except one day off. I will step my game up trust me I promise my fellow Lovelies! Since I missed out on a few things and couldn't get a chance to respond to your comments either. For that I am very sorry!

For this post I wanted to show you guys work outfit inspirations  since I have to wear black everyday for work. So, I decided why not style what I wear. Black is such a chic color and I would be lying if I said I didn't love the color. I know you Lovelies have seen this blazer before and I absolutely love this color so much. Please excuse the dead look on my face I am actually having a good time. My boyfriend actually called me lifeless in this photo-shoot. Now that the weather is warming up I am so excited to share all my upcoming projects with you guys.

Blazer - Forever 21

Top - Forever 21

Jeans - Forever 21

Purse - Forever 21

Jewelry - Wetseal

Shoes - Forever 21

I visited the hair salon and I couldn't be happier with the outcome! I can't wait to show you guys the outcome! I am quite happy with it myself. So, make sure you guys stay tuned in to my blog for all of my upcoming posts and surprises!

Until Next Time Lovelies! <3













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