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All About Denim!

No Monday!

So happy that the weather have somewhat been warming up lately. Which only means that Spring is right around the corner. I am so happy. How was all of my wonderful Lovelies weekends? I had to work on Sunday which wasn't bad I actually had a really good day at work. I am in need of a definite trim now but I am letting my hair grow out a bit before I actually cut it again. Something different is always the best! I love it. I am more excited for Spring. Warmer weather & open-toed shoes! Yes please!

Over the weekend ( mainly on Saturday ) the weather was fairly decent so I decided to style one of my new purchases! I am all for comfort and my obsession with denim has sky rocketed! I think I have honestly gotten more picky when it came to jeans and how they fit me. Lately I have been wearing these slightly ripped jeans from Forever 21 ( I was never fond of their jeans before ) but I have come to fall in love with their jeans from the contemporary or Love 21 jeans. The shirt which I mentioned was a female shirt has now become one of my favorite shirts! I have always loved the comfort and style of mens shirts and now that I can buy them as a womans shirt to fit me I am even happier!

Top - Forever 21

Jeans - Forever 21

Shoes - Forever 21

Wallet - Forever 21

Sunglasses - Forever 21

Necklace - Sheinside

I am also in love love love with these loafers! As you Lovelies have seen in my Valentines Day post that I was wearing the silver pair and in my Black on Black post I was wearing the black pair. If you haven't been able to check those posts please feel free to go back and read them. I work today and who knows I might be picking up some new things today! Just surprise after surprise for you Lovelies. Thank you for reading and bearing with me! Stay tuned!

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