Easter Date

Happy Monday my dear Lovelies!

As you all know this past Sunday we celebrated Easter! What did you Lovelies do on your wonderful Easter? The weather was so amazing here it would have been a waste to NOT take advantage of the gorgeous weather that we were having. So, with that being said the boyfriend and I decided why not explore DC and all its history and that's exactly what we did. Sneaking in a few photos here and there as well.

With Easter comes pastels, the color white and of course dresses! I wasn't any different when styling myself for this amazing day. I chose to style one of my boyfriends shirts and of course I wasn't disappointed with the outcome. Although I am telling myself to try and refrain from wearing his clothing ( In the process of Spring Cleaning mine ) because sometimes I look pudgy or bigger than I really am. I will dress more like a woman but I don't really like wearing skin tight clothing except maybe my jeans!

Button Up : American Eagle

Jeans : Nordstrom Rack

Cardigan : American Eagle

Fedora : Forever 21

Crossbody : Payless

Shoes : Forever 21

Necklace : Sheinside

Sunnies : American Eagle

Like I mentioned in my last blog post " Marble Monochrome " I am in the process of minimizing my wardrobe into a basic minimal fashion wardrobe. I don't need all the clothing that I have now and I know that I don't wear half of the clothing that I have in there. Which is taking up alot of space in the closet. I am very excited about this process. With the mindset less is more I am transforming my mentality, the way I shop and of course my closet. Stay tuned for updates my Lovelies! I am in love love love with Fedoras! This suede chocolate brown Fedora is no exception! I love the dark color which is good for literally every season which makes me love it even more! Current obsessions : Fedoras, Button Ups, Boyfriend Jeans and Loafers!

Side note my boyfriend was the one who actually picked out this entire outfit and I think he was really proud of the outcome! Make sure you guys stay tuned for I am back with 2 posts a week! Thank you for reading le blog my Lovelies <3

Until Next Time <3


















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  1. Aaawhh.. Your pictures are everything!!!!

  2. Awh thank you buttercup! You have my boyfriend to thank for my photos!


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