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Hello Lovelies!

Happy gloomy Monday! I thought that I was happy that it was Spring but like I stated in my last post the last few days has been very cold! Even though the sun has been shining , which isn't good in my books but at the same time I am happy that I get to do some subtle layering! This week is the LAST week of April! Which is completely insane! This year is really going by fast! Maybe a little too fast!

This coming Wednesday, I will be sitting in a salon chair getting my NEW hair color and new look for you guys! Since the burgundy ( which now is a copper red ) faded and my roots are showing I think its time I made another adventure! Before you Lovelies ask....there will be before and after photos! I really can't wait to see how amazing my hairstylist will make me look!

As I mentioned in my last blog post " Black X Black " Le boyfriend has the whole week off. Lucky for him seeing as though I don't which makes me sad that I wont get as much photo time but where there's a will there's a way right? Yesterday we decided to hit the mean streets of Washington DC and venture out towards Chinatown. We didn't realize that there was basketball game ( Wizards ) and there was just so many people! So, we decided to Chinatown and walk down towards the Monument and the White House. The weather was a little chilly but nothing a simple coat couldn't fix.

Top : Sheinside

Jeans : American Eagle

Coat : Forever 21

Fedora : Forever 21

Purse : Forever 21

Shoes : Adidas

Sunnies : American Eagle

Jewelry : Banggood

For this casual look I decided to turn a shirt dress into a t-shirt. Simple trick by tucking the ends of the dress into my jeans which gave it a baggy look that I was going for. The coat which I got from Forever 21 was a statement piece that I added in ( yes, even though it's black ) . The collarless look made which the perfect item to pair with on that cold day! I have checked and the coat is still available online for those of you Lovelies who wants to snatch it up! It is on sale and it is final sale as well but I personally think that this coat is worth it! So comfortable and very chic. The only thing I didn't like was that the pockets were stitched together. Nothing a pair of scissors and a very precise boyfriend can't fix. Oh, and the nail polish color is " Sea Green " from Forever 21 as well. I will be posting twice a week like I have stated even though my schedule keeps changing at work. I downloaded the app and will be trying the whole " blogging on the go " to see if it works for me. I do prefer sitting in front of the balcony door with a glass of wine and sweat pants but like I said we shall see how it goes. <3

Until Next Time Lovelies <3



















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