Camel Coat X Metallic Oxfords

Hello Lovelies!

Yes, it's Thursday! Which only leaves the exciting Friday tomorrow then the weekend. At first I was working Thursdays then they gave me the that day off ( hence the blogging on Mondays x Thursdays ) but they decided to bless me with working Thursdays. I was not happy! Cause that meant I had to try and figure out what time I could blog and really set a blogging schedule for myself around work. Now know that I am writing this post at 8am because I really love you guys! After this Thursday I will no longer be working Thursdays. It's a complicated process that still needs some time to actually talk over but I am not complaining! Today is the LAST DAY OF APRIL before we charge head first into MAY! This year is really going by a little too fast for me. I know the life of a fashion blogger is very fast paced but remember we are human and we need some R&R time for ourselves as well!

So, with that being said....on Tuesday night I started the journey to my perfect Spring/Summer hair color and so far I am loving it. It's something that I haven't done before so normally new things takes me a while to get used to but I love the look. We shall be finishing up today. ( Hopefully ) Which includes the rest of the color and a little trim here and there. I guess my very first blog post in may will be dedicated to my new hair! I am excited for you guys to see and give me your honest opinions on it!

As bloggers we have to keep up with trends then try to incorporate them into our daily basic wardrobe. For me adding this Camel Colored Coat was the icing on the cake. I have been searching for a Camel Coat ( that wont break my bank ) and trust me when I say I was more than happy when I found this beauty! Plus it was on sale when I got it which makes it even more exciting. I've seen TONS of bloggers rocking the Camel look and I was like 'hmmm maybe I should try Camel' I love how it's such a neutral color that can basically be paired with anything and yet everything in my closet! So, it's safe to say that this coat was a very good investment and I am beyond happy that I got my hands on it.

Top : Forever 21

Jeans : Forever 21

Coat : Forever 21

Purse : Forever 21

Shoes : Forever 21

Jewelry : Wetseal

It's safe to say that while I do love the coat ( le boyfriend thinks I use love too much ) I do recommend purchasing this coat in a size smaller than you would normally wear. Because it is unstructured it has a boxy look to it ( which you all know I do love ). I was happy that I didn't get it in the medium cause then I would be swimming in it. Now for my shoes! As you guys have seen from the loafers I posted in a few blog posts back. My clothing I like to be basic but I would go all out for my shoes! I love shoes that stand out and capture attention. Le boyfriend calls all of my metallic shoes ( pervert shoes ) cause they are so shiny. Which I am currently yes dare I say it 'Obsessed' with. I wear my metallic shoes all the time to work and my coworkers adore them. Hey, something has to stand out with the sea of black that I have to wear. It just makes my shoes stand out even more and I love it. MAY!

Until Next Time Lovelies <3

PS : My eyes are awkward in some photos because there was a guy riding his bike and I thought he was about to hit me! HAHA please enjoy my awkward looks :)
















  1. The camel coat looks so nice, especially with the white jeans! x