Colorful X Monochrome

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Monday! The scorching Summer weather ( I am saying Summer cause it's so hot ) but at night the weather is so amazing I never want to go home. Makes me want to turn off the Air Condition at night and just open the window. While I am currently writing this post I am also deep conditioning my hair! I have decided to step it up and deep condition my hair twice a week now! Since it's getting hotter and hotter my hair dries out even faster. With Mothers Day being yesterday what did you Lovelies do with your Mothers? Before my Mother came over my friends and I decided to pamper ourselves a little and got manicures and pedicures. To be honest I am not one to get manicures and pedicures on a daily! So, with that being said it felt so weird to me but overall I enjoyed myself so much!

The look I went with a simple Monochromatic Look which as to many of my readers now shouldn't be a surprise. I love styling Monochrome pieces I think they makes the easiest color to style. Although this outfit isn't what I wore on Mothers Day. I think I was the only person that really didn't get super dressed up. I wore basics but still enjoyed myself! Maybe I'll post that look soon!

I have been I guess the right word would be 'obsessing' over dusters and trench-coats lately. More so Dusters since it's Spring-Summer right now. Plus with the wind blowing I feel so cool when my Duster blows in the breeze. My friends say I look like I'm in the matrix! LOL! For this look it wasn't anything different. I am hoping that you guys caught on by now and if you haven't go back and view my 'Monochrome X Madness' post!

Top : Forever 21

Duster : Forever 21

Fedora : Forever 21

Jeans : Forever 21

Shoes : Forever 21

Satchel : Forever 21

Jewelry : South Africa

Sunglasses : American Eagle

I feel like Oxfords have been my go to shoes! I cannot get enough of them and my collection have been getting bigger and bigger! Which I of course do not mind at all. Style and comfort is something I always look for when buying shoes! Don't get me wrong I love heels and sneakers but there is just something different when I am wearing Oxfords. I quote from the Kingmans The Secret Service Movie "Oxfords not Brogues". The perks of living in Washington Dc is the fact that there is Art literally on every wall ( me being a little dramatic ) but this wall is known for its paintings. Whenever we walk by it's always different and it's so cool to see. So, Le boyfriend and I grabbed some lunch while taking in the good weather ( wasn't too hot ) and I begged him to stop by this wall! It's so fun and colorful I want to visit all the time!

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  1. I really like your blog and your style very chic!

  2. thank you so much beautiful! I'm glad that you like my blog! Will definitely be checking yours out!