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Hello Lovelies!

Happy Thursday! The weather has been in the 80's all week and they finally decided to turn on the Air Condition in the apartment complex ( after changing the filters ). It feels so nice coming home from work to a nice cool apartment! I think it's the best feeling in the world! Besides taking off your shoes and clothing for the day! I think I have gotten used to taking photos in the scorching weather! Although wearing next to nothing is an option like I've seen other women doing. I on the other hand cannot do that! Since Summer is technically a month a way ( even though I feel it started already ) I have compiled a list of Summer must haves! Which will be up tomorrow! So, make sure that you Lovelies stay tuned for that alright!

Ever since I started my new hair color process I have been obsessed with my hair! I absolutely love the color and highlights! This is my first time every getting highlights and I wasn't sure how I would react to them and how I would feel about them but after a week they have grown on me. The only thing I don't like is the fact that my hair gets so dry very very easily now. I deep condition my hair once a week and now I only wash my hair once a week as well to retain moisture. I use oil everyday to give my hair the necessary moisture and shine that it needs but my hair is like a adolescent boy! It still needs food. Those of you who have highlights and your hair is dry like mine by a shampoo that restores the protein in your hair so your hair remains healthy!

With that being said for this look I went with something casual yet business-like. I would normally be wearing my boyfriends shirts when I want to wear button ups. Since I have decided to invest in my own ( I hated the pudgy feeling his shirts gave me ) and I couldn't be happier that I did. Button ups are the best thing for women!  You can dress them up and down and still be stylish! I don't think I will be changing satchels anytime soon! I just love love love this purse so much! I use it on a regular basis as well for my last few blog posts! I seriously want this satchel in all colors!

Top : Forever 21

Tie : Express Men

Jeans : Forever 21

Shoes : Forever 21

Satchel : Forever 21

Fedora : Forever 21

Jewelry : Charlotte Russe

Sunglasses : American Eagle

In my last post I stated that I have been wearing nothing but oxfords lately but when I said that I decided to switch it up and wear these suede pointed heels! I really loved the color of these shoes which is why they were a very good investment not to mention they are very comfortable to walk around in! Which is sometimes rare in very cute affordable shoes.  I tried the whole blogging on the go and my app crashes sometimes so I have been waiting for the update. Until then I will have to continue blogging from my computer which I prefer anyways! So, its a win win! At least for me! LOL! So, I will have a blog post in the works for you Lovelies tomorrow so like I said make sure you stay tuned for that! The lines on my feet are tan lines! Cause I wear a lot of loafers there's a line that separates my winter skin from my Spring-Summer skin!

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