Summer Hues X Black on Rainy Says

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Thursday! How has your draining week been so far? On Tuesday I got all dressed up to go to my little sisters graduation from high-school. I still cannot believe that she is graduating! I didn't mean that in any bad way or anything it just means she's no longer my baby sister but a grown woman now!

So, lately the weather have been ALL over the place and I really don't understand why Mother Nature dislikes us! One day were just walking through enjoying the semi cold weather that we were having and the next we were running for umbrellas to cover ourselves from the random downpour. What started out as a nice day to take photos changed into a rainy photo shoot with the practice of taking photos in the rain! It was so much fun acting like a kid and running around in the rain. With that being said enjoy my rainy day photos!

Nothing says I'm a blogger better than this t-shirt! Whenever I venture outside to take photos le blog I always get these weird looks from strangers passing by. For me having and wearing this t-shirt gives them a general idea of why I'm dressed the way I am ( but I always dress the same going out ) and why le boyfriend is taking 1,843 photos of me at different angles. The simplicity of this t-shirt is to die for! Well not literally LOL!

Of topic but I cannot be the only one who hates breaking in new converse? I hate how stiff they are and I wish sometimes that we can just buy them already dirty and grudged up! Converse if you are reading ( which I know you're not ) I just handed over a million dollar idea! ( not really )

Top : Boohoo

Coat : Forever 21

Jeans : Forever 21 ( similar )

Fedora : Forever 21

Satchel : ASOS ( similar )

Shoes : Converse

Jewelry : Boohoo ( similar ) ( similar )

Nothing is more comfortable to me than sitting in a Starbucks or a Coffee House with your computer and notebook on a rainy day! Something about the smell of fresh ground coffee beans really gets my creative clock turning. I tend to find myself constantly writing my ideas down in my notebook rather than typing it out on my phone or computer. Pen and paper all the way! Also I will be starting the dressing like a girly girl next month! I've gotten everything planned out and cant wait to show you Lovelies!

Until Next Time! <3

PS: Enjoy my food baby cause I had delicious Korean food just before le photos were taken!
















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