Summer Hues X Wild Greys

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Monday and welcome to JUNE! I can't believe that it's already June! This year is flying by so fast for me! It just means that I have to work even harder and not to mention faster! Sometimes I wish that I could just quit my job and become a full time blogger. Maybe one day my dreams will be turned into a reality! just have to keep working hard towards it!

So. since we are in June it only means one thing : SUMMER! One of the projects that I came up with to work on was a Summer Lookbook. I decided to call it my Summer Hues Look instead and if you Lovelies haven't guessed it yet this look is number 1.

Summer is by far the season that I hate the most. I still prefer wearing dark colors in the Summer time but I hate how muggy and humid it gets outside. The price of still wanting to look amazingly fashionable during the Summer time right? If I could wear black every day I would! Even it's a Monochrome Look! Black is such a chic color and wearing it is even better!

I was really excited when this idea of the Summer Hues Look popped into my head! I will be posting 4 looks during this scorching hot month of June.

For this first look I decided on something simple. Le boyfriend like I mentioned wants me to dress more like a woman ( dresses, skirts, shorts ) especially now that the weather is hitting the 90's! Not just him I have been getting requests about it as well. So, I have decided to compromise with my Lovelies and Le boyfriend. 4 times a month I will be posting 4 " girly " looks just for you guys! I know some of my readers are probably cheering at their computers or at their phones.

Top : Forever 21 ( similar )

Jeans : Forever 21

Shoes : Forever 21

Bowler Hat : Forever 21

Jewelry : Boohoo ( similar )

Sunglasses : American Eagle

Satchel : ASOS

Unfortunately the satchel was no longer available on the website so I linked the nudish pink satchel instead for those of my Lovelies who are into pink! I think you will like it. I think that this satchel is the perfect size for running errands or just going to dinner with your good girlfriends! So, make sure that you Lovelies stay tuned if you want to see me dressing more like a girly girl! Also the  grey button up is no longer available but there is a light blue in the same shirt so I linked that too you guys instead! Enjoy!

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