Summer Hues X Stripe Obsession

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Thursday! There is nothing that I admire more than Oxfords, Sneakers , Stripes and Satchels! I honestly don't know what I would do without them. To you Lovelies it shouldn't be a surprise anymore unless you're new to my blog and if that is the case then ' Welcome my new Lovelies '.

When I went to get this shirt I was honestly was going to get the white and black striped shirt but I was pretty sure Le boyfriend was getting annoyed with the fact that I ALWAYS get black and white. I'm now convinced as to why he wants me to dress more like a girly girl now. Although he will forever love my tomboyish ways. He honestly has no choice right? I mean come on I make tomboy look good!

I have been looking at different hairstyles and hair colors. Already wanting a change. I know Summer is for going lighter and Winter is darker but I really just prefer dark hair on me. Who knows maybe my stylist and I will sit down and have a conversation about it. I might just surprise the crap out of you Lovelies. Your jaws will be touching your shins.

Top : H&M ( similar ) , ( similar )

Jeans : Nordstrom Rack ( similar )

Shoes : Adidas

Satchel : ASOS ( similar )

Fedora : Forever 21

Sunglasses : American Eagle

Jewelry : Sheinside ( similar )

This shirt is actually a dress! Don't you hate when you go into a store and you find an item that speaks to you but they don't have your size! I always mentally scream my lungs out at the cashier asking why they never have my size. Hey maybe it's always for the best right? Because of that I always end of finding even amazing items! I love that feeling. I think it is the best feeling in the world. It's even better after you've tried it on and it exceeds your expectations! I LOVE IT!

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