Smart Shopping PT1!

As promised! I actually got asked this question a lot and I finally decided to sit down and write it all out for you lovelies. Sharing my secrets and my tips on how to....

" Look Expensive Without Breaking The Bank "

Whenever someone asks me where I got something I always tell them then I also add in how much it was because I like to see the reaction on their faces. Like yes this romper was $2.00 and NO I am not kidding! You guys might be tired of reading it but I swear I am NOT tired of writing it.


Like right now the there is the whole 4th of July sale going on right now. I go and check it out but sometimes I do not buy anything but I know from working retail how sales really work. BUT something told me to go adventuring the other yesterday and boy am I glad that I did.

My first stop was Zara because I know how crazy rare ( not really ) their sales are and I always look online first before going to the store. Why? Because I want to have a game plan and I also know my budget so that is another way to not go over budget. Smart? Might seem like a lot of work but trust me when I say it works.

There was 2 bloggers that went into a rant about buying off brand items that looked like real ones and all I had to say was wow. Mainly because the way they were talking was just so disrespectful. What they fail to grasp is that most bloggers especially fairly new bloggers have budgets. We do NOT have 50k followers so we could get paid for our posts or get high end brand collaborations like that. We are hard working 9-5 workers who literally work for every dime to make our blogs a reality.

I was dumbfounded watching the video. Let me not get into an entire rant about that because I could go on and on about that video forever but I will not. I will continue to be positive about blogging.

Another thing that I am not ashamed about is purchasing dupes. Like I said again not everyone could afford all these high end brands like Gucci, Chloe, Prada, Chanel etc. You see these other bloggers buying it like it nothing and that will be me one day but until then I know my budget and I am going to stick to it. So, if I could feel like a million bucks with my affordable clothing then I will.

Another thing would be how you style your wardrobe and how you take care of your wardrobe. I have items from high-school still in my wardrobe that I wear to this day.

I could go on forever but I didn't want this post to be very LONG and drawn out so stay tuned for PT 2! I will be showing you some designer for less products!

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