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Hello Lovelies!

First off I want to say sorry for just disappearing off the face of my blog for awhile. Let me give you guys a bit of a life update. 

I recently had 2 of my wisdom teeth pulled out because they were infected which caused me severe pain in my ear & my eye. What I mean by my eye is my vision  was blurry due to the pain. It was really scary & I almost had a panic attack. I visited my dentist & she told me the bad news ( after her assistant tried forcing this thing in my mouth in order to try & snap a photo of my problem area ). I literally almost slapped her cause she was making my pain even worst. My dentist then said in order for the pain to go away I would need to go get them taken out she made an appointment for me at the nearest Oral Surgery Center with a doctor named Dr. Liu.

 On my way there I kept trying to calm myself down. I mean I have never had surgery before. EVER! Needless to say I was panicking a lot. I tried at the office ( my appointment was set for 2:15pm ) but I arrived early & I was surprisingly able to be seen early. I had the option of being put under but I couldn't since I drove myself. Dr. Liu's assistants prepped me & gave me a consultation before I met Dr. Liu himself. My blood pressure was checked ( they said it was a bit high...I was panicking remember ) & told me everything will be okay. 

It was scary for me. I was alone but one of Dr. Liu's assistant just stayed with me, held my hand & told me that she wasn't going to leave my side. I just wanted to write this post to explain as to why I was taking a bit of a blogging break again. I still posted on instagram but as you guys saw I cropped my face out because my face was ( still a little ) swollen. I actually snapped this look before I got them removed but forgot all about it. 



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