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Happy Tuesday everyone. After this past weekend working at Crystal Couture. My skin definitely needed a pick me up after all the running around and the makeup I wore. I don't really wear makeup that often but since this was an event I wanted to look my best but with the stress, the exhaustion and the sweat.... I REALLY needed a pamper me day!

I actually use Crude Beauty whenever I want to spend the entire day just catering to myself. Making sure that I am physically and mentality beautiful to conquer the world.

A little about the brand. Crude 'creates products that work with the skin, not against it, and that’s where they come in— with a suds-free cleansing system that works.' CRUDE works for all skin types, ages, and genders — and is even safe for pregnant/breastfeeding mothers and babies. Each of their products has multiple uses ( their cleansers double as moisturizers ) — making skincare simple, functional, and affordable.

I was gifted Crude's " Oil Cleanser Starter Kit " which includes 'Cleanse', 'Detox' and 'Pull'.

Like I always mention. This is a collaboration with Crude but all thoughts and opinions are my own!

Lets hop right into the Pro's and the Con's. I will be starting with 'Detox'.


Even though I might be the ONLY blogger in the world that doesn't like Matcha....I LOVE this mask. You mix a little and apply it to your face. Depending on how much you put on...It takes about 5-10 minutes to dry and you rinse it off. After just one face had this glow to it that I haven't seen unless I use an oil.


Having to actually mix it with water before applying. That is basically it. I love this product. I wish it was bigger.

Next would be 'Cleanse' & 'Pull'.

I think I mentioned this in every single Beauty blog post that I write when it comes to using oils. I have naturally oily skin so I am always cautious when it comes to using oils. I didn't have a pleasant experience with using Apoterra. With that oil being to strong and leaving my face extremely oily. I didn't want that..and that definitely made me worry about using any other oils from any other brands. Well with Crude...I didn't have to worry. Honestly, when using the Cleansing Oil from have to use with with the Pull Towel. Which worked wonders on my skin and gave me a glow that I missed having. A glow that I didn't want to get with makeup. I could literally use this forever and maybe just maybe NEVER have to wear makeup ever again. Not going to lie...concealer has been my best friend. If I could live on only concealer for the rest of my life and have amazing skin.... I would dump everything that I own to achieve that. Until then I will save my Crude products and use them on the days where I feel I need a pick me up.

Overall I would rate Crude 9/10!

You can check out Crude's website here.

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