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I am gearing up for another quick trip to NYC & I couldn't be happier but with constant travel especially on a cramped bus comes dirty skin! I normally apply my makeup on the bus so that way I can sleep but it is still just a hassle. Waking up early, hopping on a bus & going to congested NYC always has an weird affect on my skin and on my health.


With the constant change in scenery... I need to use products that are perfect for bipolar weather. I love having clean and clear skin! I mean come on name one person that likes randomly breaking out plus I hear adult acne is no fun! That is why I review all these products so you guys can try them & see if they work for you!


I was recently given the opportunity to try a new brand on the block names " ASARAI ". Trust me when I say I don't even know if I am pronouncing it right! Like I was saying I was given the chance to test a few of their products of my choice. I picked the " Come Clean Cleanser ", " Earth Tones Mask ", " Response Theory Daily Serum ", and the " Sleepercell Retinol Serum ".


First let me talk about the packaging! I am a sucker for cute packaging so Asarai definitely earned a point for that. Another thing I like is the fact that it is yellow! For some odd reason... yellow just immediately changes my mood. Also makes me smile. Yellow brings happy thoughts. Another plus! I love that they also included a turn key which helps with the Cleanser and the Mask. You want to make sure you use all of the product that is in the tube. Hip hip hooray!


Let's jump into the pro's & the con's shall we? The first product were going to talk about is my all time favourite! The Earth Tones Mask!


I love love love this mask! I don't have any cons about it because it is amazing! It is a therapeutic Australian Red Clay Mask. It detoxifies and brighten for glowy skin. 10/10 for sure. I feel like some of you might get thrown off about the price. The mask is $30 but this is one product that I wont mind swiping my card for!


Next would be the Gentle Cleanser! Key word gentle! It is a soft gel to milk cleanser that creates fresh clean skin! I use this before the mask and let me just say it is a great mix! I went & shot a look with no makeup and just cleaned my face and I was surprised by the compliments I was getting for my glowing skin.


I don't have a con yet. Maybe this will be updated soon as I keep using it.


The next product would be the Sleepercell Retinol Serum. I don't sleep. Seriously.... I swear I suffer from insomnia because I do NOT sleep! This is definitely one product that I love love love to death! Another 10/10!


Last but not least would be Daily Serum. This I always make the error of not using daily because I am currently using my Saturday Skin daily moisturizer. I don't like using one until the other is finished.


Well overall I would give Asarai about a 10/10! I love this and I will definitely be swiping my card going forward.




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