Check Blazer pt. 2

Oh Monday how I love & hate you at the same time. I find myself sitting infront of my computer staring at a blank page for what seemed like eternity! I don't see how bloggers could do this. I literally have to write everything that I want to post on my blog in my notebook then transfer everything. I find it so much easier to come up with words when I have to write them down! That is just me though.

Spring is here THANK GOD but my goodness is it still freezing outside. Mother Nature cannot make up her mind on what she wants so were stuck suffering between gorgeous Spring Days & cold windy days. Why? For this look in particular even though the sun was shining and the day seemed was SO BLOODY COLD! I did take my coat off to shoot this look really quickly and randomly. Even standing in the sun didn't help much with the wind. It sucks but that is literally what were dealing with here right now in DC.

This was just a simple coffee spot look but because I was wearing a trending piece ( that everyone owns ) which is the Checkered Blazer. I styled it with a basic white button up, blue denim and white sneakers.

Shop My Look Below: 

Blazer : H&M

Button Up : Forever 21

Denim : Forever 21

Sneakers : Rocketdog Footwear

Beanie : Forever 21

Sunnies : H&M

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