Teddy Jacket Obsession & Fitness Update

I shot these photos and I felt so proud of my outfit until I viewed the photos afterwards and I was shocked. I looked like a round butterball in my abdominal area...which sucks but since I have a abnormally small torso & toned legs; majority of my weight sits in my abdominal area.

That is why I decided I needed a change for the better. I needed to create a healthier lifestyle for myself. Which meant a change in my diet and getting back into the gym. Even though I could normally hide my tummy in oversized clothing...I was beginning to become unhappy with how I allowed myself to become. I became lazy & I needed to change that for sure.

The funny thing is...with the weight I have gained. I was still smiling. Why? Because I knew that if I put my mind to it I could change. I also wasn't changing for anyone but myself. I was becoming happy for myself.

With that being said I wanted to share my fitness journey with you all. I wanted to create a hashtag on Instagram for anyone who wanted to follow along on my journey or who wanted to join my journey!

My main goal is to look & feel my best this year. I decided to go to the gym with my Mum and my little sister this past weekend and for someone who stopped working out it was the worst idea ever! Although, I am extremely thankful that they pushed me past my limit & gave my the encouragement that I needed...being sore the next day wasn't my cuppa tea.

I am super excited to be going to the gym with them this coming weekend. We worked legs this past weekend and this upcoming weekend we will be working Arms & Abs. Not looking forward to abs though but that is where my weight lies.

Will be posting an update soon!

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