March Beauty Favourites

Oh March you were a real drag and I am happy that you are over! I have gotten a few requests for this blog post in particular and I am happy to write it for you guys. Winter was a bit harsh on my skin and the bipolar weather was no damn joke. Also since I currently test out and review beauty products I figured I would share my current favourites. As you guys can guess my favourites tend to change up quite often cause I am always discovering something that is even better than before. With that being said I wanted to share my current March favourites with you. Who knows April could be an entirely new list!

Saturday Skin

This is a brand that I actually just started using. If you guys didn't get a chance to read my review on this brand then you can read it here.  Saturday Skin is one brand that I found myself reaching for quite often since my review. I have been using the Eye Brightening Cream because I haven't been sleeping well for the life of me. Followed by Smoothing Lotion and the Brightening Mask.

  • Gentle Cleanser

  • Eye Brightening Cream

  • Skin Smoothing Lotion

  • Brightening Mask

This is also a new brand/product that I discovered this month as well. I think I have mentioned this numerous times in numerous blog posts but I love love love Clay Masks. I wrote a review on this brand as well so if you lovelies want to read it then you can read it here. Clay Masks have been my new obsession. When I need to pamper myself or I just need a pick me up throughout the week.

  • Earth Tones Mask

  • Cleanser

  • Retinol Serum

Live Crude

I wrote a very detailed review on this brand that you guys seemed to love. I did have the opportunity to test out and review some more of their products so keep an eye out for that soon! Most likely it will be up in April. You can read the first review here.

  • Miracle Mask

  • Cleansing Oil

NYX Lipsticks

This last one doesn't really fall under Facial Products but I wanted to share my go to lippie shades that I wear all the time. The shade is from Turn it up Collection in the shade " Dirty Talk " which is a Rich Brown. It would be considered a nude on me because hey I have beautiful melanin skin. I definitely love NYX because they have affordable makeup!

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