A Glimpse of What is coming soon to Lelondonchic

I wanted to get back into writing. The fact that I got to write was one of the main reasons why I started blogging in the first place. Besides my love for Fashion being the number one reason but we all know that. Even though lately I have been posting regularly on the blog. I have mentioned that there was a point where I wanted to quit blogging all together.

Instead I thought why not go back to when I first started blogging in the the first place. Yes, my sense of style has change dramatically since I first started back in 2016 but my love for writing hasn't. I guess the reason being was that I didn't want to over write to the point where you guys got tired of reading and would leave my blog. Then I thought...this was MY blog and if I wanted to write a post that was 800 words...I have to make it interesting enough for you guys to want to continue reading.

With that being said..I wanted to get back into writing. So, I am working on a few new blog posts for you guys. You all seem to love the "Beauty Tuesdays" and are LOVING the " Lets Get Coffee " series that I started! Which I am beyond happy about! I thought that I would answer all of the questions that I have been getting on Instagram. It actually made for a few blog posts as well.

What kind of music did I listen to whilst writing?

Why do I always carry around a planner and a journal with me everywhere?

What kind of stationary brand do I use?

Who are my biggest fashion inspirations at the moment.

How do I keep my creative flow going.

What camera do I shoot with.

How do I edit my photos.

How do I stay inspired.

What editing apps do I use.


That is about 10 blog post ideas right there alone! Although I will probably combine what camera I shoot with and how I edit my photos because it kinda goes hand in hand. I am excited to answer all of these questions for you guys!





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