Let's Get Coffee Ep# 3

Oh, ep #3 already! I am on a coffee kick! Although the lack of sleep on the days that I do drink coffee are becoming way to consistent so I guess that's why I decided that I can only drink coffee twice a week. I am already full of so much energy and falling asleep around 3-4am and waking up around 8am isn't the best thing in the world.

This time I will be talking/sharing Gregory's Coffee! I visited the location on Vermont Ave. It's quite small but I was greeted with smiles which is the first thing i tend to look for when visiting a new coffee spot. I actually have been here before with Lilia but we didn't stay long. I ordered my usual ( Iced Caramel Latte with Soy Milk ) in a size small and I was already slightly annoyed because one the small is about 12oz which is fine but the base price is $4 then if you want to substitute the dairy option for non-dairy there is a $.90 cent charge. So, basically I spent almost $6 on a small iced coffee that was okay at best. I guess I will always be biased when it comes to my Iced Coffee's because Compass Coffee makes the best ones!

It is aesthetically pleasing for a small location which I love and I tucked myself away in the corner away from everyone to get my writing done. Which is another plus but there is only about 6 tables total but there is a sitting area that looks like a ledge but its actually a seat.

I am not sure if this is a spot I would visit again unless I am in the area but Joe & the Juice is located right around the corner ( I just gave away where the next place will be ) and I love their interior.

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